Woody McCoy

- Class of 2022

Hello, I'm Woody! I'm a senior in CS at CMU, and I love making games. I've worked on around 2 dozen games during my time here, and I've had a lot of fun on technically challenging and artistically interesting games. Aside from previously helping run GCS, I also taught the student course on game creation for 2 years, and currently teach a course on the design and play of Roguelike games.

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Previous GCS positions:
Vice President
Director of Development

My GCS Games


Spring 2022

Flip-O-Tronic 5000

Winter 2022


Fall 2021

Escape From Lab 8

Spring 2021


Winter 2021

Fly Game

Fall 2020

Slope Crusher

Spring 2020

Reverse No

Fall 2019

Flip Flop

Spring 2019

Odin's Beard

Fall 2018

Updated January 27, 2022