Who we are

Game Creation Society (GCS) is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University, dedicated to the development of games. We exist to help members of all skill levels and backgrounds interested in making games learn more about and gain experience in game development. We’re fostering a community around the development of student games and provide opportunities to learn, collaborate, get employed, and have fun.

At the beginning of each semester, veteran game creators submit pitches to the executive board to be vetted. The pitches that pass are presented to the general body at the Pitch Fair. The board then assigns participants to teams based on their preferences and skills. These teams spend the next 10 weeks making their game. During the last week of the semester, every team showcases a finished game at Release.

GCS has been running continually since it was created in 2004 by Curt Bererton, Chris DeLeon, John Nesky, Greg Peng, and several others. Today, more than 50 game creators participate in GCS every semester. We teach an introductory course in game development through the Student College Program. In addition to regular weekly meetings, we hold Office Hours for four hours each week to collaborate and share resources.

Feel free to join our community on Discord, where you can chat with us and stay up to date on events and announcements. If you would like to keep up with club events, you can follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list. And of course, you could attend one of our meetings on-campus. You can find the next one on our calendar.