Odin's Beard

- Fall 2018


Odin's got the finest beard in the Nine Realms - at least, that's what he wants to believe. He's getting increasingly more jealous of his arch-rival, Surtr, whose beard has begun to rival Odin's own in its magnificence. To this end, he's summoned you, a Viking barber, to defeat Surtr and his leagues of minions by reducing their beards to pitiful whiskers.


  • Move left/right with AD
  • Jump with Space or W
  • Attack with Enter/Return
    • In air, you'll do a pinwheel attack like a Screw Attack
    • On ground, when you have 3HP, you'll fire a projectile


For Windows | Download
For Mac OS X | Download
For Linux | Download

Project Members

Joseph Perrino - Team Lead
Nathan Blinn - Programming
Michelle Chen - Programming
Matthew Cruz - Programming
Alan Li - Programming
Charlie Liu - Programming
Woody McCoy - Programming
James Nguyen - Programming
Yumi Sato - Programming
Alysa Bradbury - Art
Ross Elovitz - Art
Sahn Kim - Art
Sharon Liu - Art
Jinhee Lee - Sound Design