Joseph Perrino

- Class of 2021

Hi there! I'm an Information Systems major pursuing minors in Game Design and Technical Writing, as well as a Master's in Information Systems and Management. I'm also a TA, a writing tutor, a trumpet player, and of course, a proud member of GCS. I want to make games that people remember and love coming back to.

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Previous GCS positions:
Chief of Operations

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My GCS Games


Spring 2022

Escape From Lab 8

Spring 2021


Winter 2021

Battle of the Boy Bands

Fall 2020


Fall 2020

Slope Crusher

Spring 2020

Pair of Hearts

Winter 2020


Fall 2019

Reverse No

Fall 2019

A Touching Conversation

Spring 2019

The Medium - A Slay the Spire Mod

Spring 2019

Odin's Beard

Fall 2018

Updated January 5, 2021