GCS Gold Award

Battle of the Boy Bands

- Fall 2020


Battle of the Boy Bands is a game of witty insults and fire raps. You play as a boy band rapper from a not-so-well-known boy band participating in the underground rap scene. Rap battle other boy band rappers by choosing the best responses to their insults, and gain clout for your band as you impress the audience. But be careful — the more rappers you defeat, the harder it becomes to choose a response. Defeat all the other rappers and help your boy band rise to fame as number one!


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Kalpa Anjur - Team Lead, Programming, Writing
Joseph Perrino - Programming, Writing, Voice (Player, Wash Depp)
Amy Huo - Programming, Writing
Laura Yao - Programming
Anabelle Kang - Writing, Art, Voice (Kendrick Amore)
Carol He - Art
Jeremia Lo - UI Art
Kyle Leve - Music and Sound
Michelle Cao - Voice (Lil' Pay)
Jake Hanzlik - Voice (Announcer)
Josh Hanzlik - Voice (Hype Noises)


Original Soundtrack

Gameplay Video