GCS Gold Award

Slope Crusher

- Spring 2020


Slope Crusher is an intense racing game about boarding through a noise-filled world. Jump, Smash and Flip at insane speeds to get the best time possible.

Keyboard and Controller are both supported.


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Jan Orlowski - Team Lead
Jessica (Jess) Cao - Art Direction, 3D Modelling, Rigging, Shader/Gameplay Programming
Alan Zhu - Music, Sound Effects, Additional Audio Programming
Ben Cagan - Shader Programming
David Morales - Music, Sound Effects
George Whitfield - Gameplay Programming, Shader Programming
Joseph Perrino - Particle Effects Programming, Gamepad Support Programming
Marie Leung - Music, Sound Effects, UI Design
Woody McCoy - 3D Environment Modelling, Gameplay Programming
Sam Murray - Additional Programming
Tracy Cui - Additional 3D Modelling (Player Model)