Jan Orlowski

- Class of 2020

I'm your run of the mill CS major with a game design minor. I've been bouncing around the games industry for a few years now and worked on titles like RUINER, Destiny 2 and Fortnite. I also make a lot of small games in my spare time, all of which can be found on my website. I have also lead a lot of game projects here at GCS, so I have pent up advice for anyone wanting to run projects.

Previous GCS positions:
Vice President
Systems Administrator

My GCS Games

Slope Crusher

Spring 2020

Pair of Hearts

Winter 2020

Game Bytes 2019

Fall 2019

Sync Wars

Spring 2019


Winter 2019

Danger Dancer

Fall 2018


Fall 2017

Tanks on Planks

Fall 2016

Updated November 15, 2020