Sync Wars

- Spring 2019


Two armies desparate for survival must work together to defeat interdimensional invaders! Sync Wars is a turn-based tactics game in the vein of Fire Emblem where both players and enemies exist on and can move between separate dimensions.

Can be played both singleplayer and local hotseat coop. Only a mouse is needed to play the game.


For Windows | Download
For Mac OS X | Download

Project Members

Jessica (Jess) Cao - Team Lead
Jan Orlowski - Team Lead
Sam Murray - Audio Programming
Ian Kuo - Gameplay Programming
Yajin Li - Gameplay Programming
Jeffery Chen - Tools Programming
Nadine Bao - Character Art
Alyssa Lee - New Army and Particle Art
Sanjay Salem - Old Army, UI and Particle Art
Eric Yu - 3D Environment and UI Art
Elizabeth Zu - Enemy Art
Jonathan Fischer - Music
Michael Miller - Sound and Additional Music


Original Soundtrack