GCS Gold Award

Escape From Lab 8

- Spring 2021


Escape From Lab 8 is a roguelike dungeon crawler, where you play as a unnamed test subject who must complete a deadly challenge to keep their life. As you play, you'll encounter 4 procedurally generated floors, filled with over a dozen unique monsters, more than 50 items, and many game-redefining artifacts. Choose an artifact that suits your playstyle, assemble a build around it, and count your Professor Salts carefully, or else you'll never... Escape From Lab 8.


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Woody McCoy - Team Lead, Programming, Design
Michael Poirier - Art
Joseph Perrino - Programming, Design
Jonathan Fischer - Music and Sound, Programming, UI, Design
Nick DesRoches - Music and Sound, Design
George Whitfield - Programming, Procedural Generation, Design
Andy Kim - Art
William Ozeas - Music and Sound, Programming, Design
Scott King - Programming, Design
Brandan Chen - Design
Emily Zhang - Programming
Brad Zhang - Programming
SeongWuk Jeong - Programming