- Fall 2021


Haunted is a VR horror game where the only enemy is yourself. In this game, there are no monsters or enemies that hurt you, instead, the only way to lose is if you get scared.
You woke up in a completely dark house with only a candle in your hand. If you wave your hand too fast, the candle goes out, and game over. The game consists of six rooms, each room has a unique set of mechanics that will be randomly activated. You need to reclaim three memory shards that are randomly scattered in some of the six rooms.
As you regain more memory from the shards, you gradually realize the unspeakable things that happened in this house ...


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Sebastian Yang - Team Lead, Lead Producer
Woody McCoy - Team Lead, Lead Producer
Charlotte Wang - Programming
Emma Jiang - Programming, Producer
Yuxi (Ethan) Xu - Programming
Nathan Oswell - Programming
Oleg Plisov - Programming
Robert Chen - Programming
Scott King - Programming
Siddharth Singh - Programming
Soo Hyun (Alan) Lee - Programming
Jia-En (Jessica) Lee - Story Writing, Game Designer
Swapnil Das - Story Writing Lead, Voice Actor
Anabelle Kang - Art
Anqi Chen - Art
Arin Pantja - Art
Caleb Sun - Art
Lucas Hurley - Art
Pheht Salcido - Art
Sasha Mishkin - 3D Art
Shelly Zhang - Art
Stacey Cho - Level Design, 3D Art Lead
William Ozeas - Sound


Gameplay Video