Best Theming (GGJ 2018)

Talk of the Town

- Winter 2018


Convince as much of the town as possible that you are the party king and not your opponent. Prove to your fellow citizens that you really are the life of the party by completing the challenges they give you. Succeed, and they'll tell everyone that you truly party harder than everyone else, transmitting your charisma across the community. Convince the most people that you party the hardest, and you win.
Created for the Global Game Jam 2018.
This game is the winner of the award for best theming at our jam site! Thank you so much to the judges who put in a good word for us and for everyone who played our game! We really appreciate it.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Adrian Biagioli - Programming
Matthew Bofenkamp - Programming
Dominic Calkosz - Programming
Grace Liu - Art
Claire Peck - Sound/Music


Original Soundtrack