Dominic Calkosz

- Class of 2021

Programmer, game designer, Eagle Scout, and creator of this website! Throughout my time at CMU, GCS was my passion and my home.

My experience in game development has also extended to the professional industry. In 2019 and 2020, I interned on the Hearthstone design team at Blizzard Entertainment. In 2021, I joined the team full time!

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Previous GCS positions:
Chief of Operations

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My GCS Games


Fall 2020


Fall 2020


Spring 2020

Construction Derby

Winter 2020


Fall 2019


Fall 2019

Reverse No

Fall 2019

A Touching Conversation

Spring 2019

The Medium - A Slay the Spire Mod

Spring 2019

Backside Breakout

Fall 2018

Cloak and Dagger

Fall 2018

Binary Star

Spring 2018

Talk of the Town

Winter 2018

Verto Animo

Fall 2017

Updated January 23, 2021