GCS Gold Award

Saturn Storm

- Fall 2004


Welcome to the corporation, employee!

Saturn Storm is a one- and two-player 'bombing run' game. You control a bomb-laden drone through Saturn's harsh atmosphere and attack floating mining platforms belonging to rival corporations. Between runs, you earn money, which can be spent on a variety of bombs, including bunker busters, EMP bombs, and many others.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Alejo Grigera - Interface Art
Chris Brust - Music (2 tracks), Early Concepts
Chris DeLeon - Project Lead, Game Design, Programming Lead, Juno Corp Art
George Shannon - Writing, Creative Director, Background Sky Art
John Nesky - ZHT and Scyllan Art
Josh Schnarr - Peregrine Art
Matt Sarnoff - Special Effects Programming
Roy Concepcion - Easter Egg Hidden Team Art
Tuscan Knox - Music (4 tracks)