Game Boy Advance

Grace's First Adventure

- Fall 2004


Multi-Dimensional GBA Adventure Platformer

Grace's First Adventure is a GBA game where you must explore trees and caverns as you search for the five lost dogs and bring them back to the brick house on the surface, combatting various animals along the way. Note that the dogs can be used as a weapon! ;)

D-Pad: left & right, and down switches between foreground and background
A: Jump
B: Grab/Throw
Start: Exits title screen


For Game Boy Advance | Download


Resource - GBA emulator for Mac: Download
Resource - GBA emulator for Windows: Download

Project Members

Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh - Original Music
Chris DeLeon - Special Thanks
Evan Hoke - Special Thanks
Fernando Mestanza - Wolf and House Graphics Art
John Brandon - Special Thanks
John Nesky - Project Lead, Programming, Level Design, Art