Game Bytes 2021

- Fall 2021


Game Bytes is a minigame collection created for the GCS cabinet (Arcade Machine).

Game Bytes 2021 features 2 minigames:
Tempo: Use the guitar and drum set and make music to the beat together!
Puzzle-Run: Help or trick each other in this collaborative running game - step on buttons to control what happens on your partner's side, while avoiding obstacles to keep yourself running!

Keyboard and Controller support included.
Player 1: WASD to move; "r" and "t" are buttons 1 and 2
Player 2: Arrow Keys to move; "," and "." are buttons 1 and 2

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For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Puzzle Run

Clara Ye - Programming
Ziqi Yang - Programming
Allison Wivagg - Art


Emily Amspoker - Programming/Design
David Choi - Programming/Sound
William Crenshaw - Programming
Sarah Ou - Art

Game Bytes Framework

Jan Orlowski - Project Programming/Production Lead
Jessica (Jess) Cao - Project Design Lead
George Whitfield - Game Bytes Framework Programming
Kalpa Anjur - Game Bytes Framework Programming
David Zelong Fan - Game Bytes Framework Programming


Original Soundtrack