Game Bytes 2020

- Fall 2020


Game Bytes is a minigame collection created for the GCS cabinet (Arcade Machine).

Game Bytes 2020 features 4 minigames:
Fruit Fight: Use your long tongue to grab as many fruits as possible!
Bombastic: Stick the other player with the bomb before the timer runs out!
Pinball Pong: Pong and pinball collide! Don't let the ball drop on your end of the field! You can use your paddle's flippers to make the ball bounce at all sorts of funky angles.
StarFall: In StarFall, you can be a friendly robot or a mischievous alien. Collect as many stars as you can before time runs out to win!<

Keyboard and Controller support included.
Player 1: WASD to move; "r" and "t" are buttons 1 and 2
Player 2: Arrow Keys to move; "," and "." are buttons 1 and 2

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For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Fruit Fight

Alyssa Lee - Programming/Art


Scott King - Programming
Nathan Oswell - Programming
Nicholas Hungria - Programming
Anqi Chen - Art

Pinball Pong

Jonathan Fischer - Programming


Angie Bonilla - Art
George Armentrout - Programming
Alana Gerald - Programming/Art

Game Bytes Framework

Jan Orlowski - Project Programming/Production Lead
Jessica (Jess) Cao - Project Design Lead
George Whitfield - Game Bytes Framework Programming
Kalpa Anjur - Game Bytes Framework Programming


Original Soundtrack