Eternal Storm

- Spring 2006


Isometric space-age bombing game.

Taking place in 3305 A.D, Eternal Storm dives into the rich clouds of Jupiter, where the Juno Corporation uses automated mining platforms to maintain a monopoly on the collection of Hydrogen-3 fuel. Inside the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, a monstrous storm three times the size of Earth, Juno is rumored to have found the storm's source. Hidden by the fury of this storm, a few brave pilots launch a rebellion -- the Jupiter Liberation Front -- seeking to strike Juno in its heart to uncover the source of its secrets.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Chris DeLeon - Producer, Programming, Game Design, Cutscene Art, Manual/Interface Design, Voice Acting
Chris Strickland - Playtesting
Colin Newby - Playtesting
Danny Traylor - Sound Design
Eric Barndollar - Music
Eric Foote - Level Design
George Shannon - Writing
Greg Newby - Playtesting Lead, Voice Acting, Game Design
Jared Luxenberg - Web Design
Jennifer Smith - Playtesting
Joe Kincaid - Sound Design
Joe Pfeil - Sound Design Lead
John Nesky - 3D Art
Joseph Chakola - Sound Design
Josh Schnarr - 3D Art Lead, Voice Acting
Kenneth Chan - Level Design
Matt Kent - Music, Sound Design
Megan Sasser - Sound Design
Ning Sung Lee - Cursor Art
Robert Strickland - Level Design, 3D Art, Voice Acting
Susan Smith - Playtesting