GCS Gold Award

Arbarlith II

- Spring 2007


3-D Action RPG.

Arbarlith is back, and more action-packed. This time, the focus is on instant gratification, hack-n-slash game play that is easy to pick up and play.


For Linux | Download
For Windows | Download

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Project Members

Andrew Fox - Project Lead, Programming, Level Design, (and a few 3D models, textures, animations, misc., etc.)
Chelsea Hostetter - Writing
Chris DeLeon - Sound Effects
Eric Foote - Level Design
John Nesky - Art (3D models, textures, animation)
Justin Lokey - Art (3D models)
Michael Collins - Programming
Michael Hanley - Art (3D models, textures, animation)
Ning Sung Lee - Art (GUI art)
Rachel Berkowitz - Music
Tom Cauchois - Progamming (SDL code)