- Fall 2005


Dungeon crawling hack-n-slash.

Beasts from the Aether are starting to break through the barriers surrounding the magical world of Arbarlith, unleashing chaos. Descend into the dungeons and push them back into the abyss they came from!


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Project Members

Andrew Fox - Project Lead, Programming Lead, Game Design, Art, Writing
Andrew Hall - Map Editor
Charlene Gilbert - Music
Chelsea Hostetter - Art
Chris DeLeon - Sound Effects
Daryna Yakusha - Art
Eric Barndollar - Music
Greg Newby - Writing Lead
John Nesky - Art
Michael Collins - Art
Michael Hanley - Game Design, Sound Effects, Art
Mike Haley - Playtesting
Nicholas Brockmeyer - Game Design
Ning Sung Lee - Art
Richard Halstead - Programming, Map Editor, Quality Control
Thomas Pike - Music
Jenn Kennedy - Art