Brian Teng

- Class of 2020

I'm a game designer and developer from Taiwan. I majored in EECS in National Chiao Tung University and received a degree of B.E. upon graduation. Now, I am a graduate student at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently working at OVA, a Montreal-based VR startup as a Unity developer.

I found my interest in game design during my junior year in college, and has since then been seeking constantly for opportunities to get involved with the game-dev world. Currently my experience emphasizes game design (VR/AR in particular), creative writing with a touch of sound design.

I have a stronger analytical brain than my creative one, meaning that I usually listen to people first and ask questions before I start contributing ideas and solutions to the team. I also like to challenge myself, picking harder routes and see where I end up. It's the experience collected along the way that's important!

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Updated September 2, 2020