- Fall 2016


Take a virtual reality tour of the space station Galapagos, where we're always inventing the future! Watch our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence discover the secrets of humanity, and perhaps learn something about yourself as well...

Project Members

Breeanna Ebert - Sound Design
Owen Fox - Design, Narrative
Tom Garncarz - Design Lead, Programming, Production
David Gordon - Design, Programming Lead, Production, 3D Art
Victoria Liang - Design, 2D Art
Mark Mendell - Sound Design
Sophia Qin - Design 2D Art
Arula Ratnakar - 2D Art, 3D Art
Kathleen Ruan - Programming
Peter Sheehan - Design, Narrative
Brian Teng - Design, Programming
Allison Traylor - 3D Art
Gage Boozan - Voice Acting, Sound Design