Best Art


- Fall 2022


300 years from now, the surface of Earth is a frozen wasteland. You play as Lefty, a pirate aboard an airship called The Campbell. Panarctica is a vertical slice and proof of concept of a first-person shooter set in an ice age with zeppelins. It shows how a typical mission will look if the player pursues the piracy character arc.
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Project Members

Matthew Lucien Komar - Team Lead, Programming, 3D Modeling, Texture Art
Kai Diel - Lead Artist
Andrew Knowles - Lead Programmer
Steve Lu - Lead Designer
Larry Chen - Programming
Vishant Raajkumar - Programming
Weiwen (Andy) Jiang - UI Art
Joyce Zhang - Concept Art, 3D Modeling
Sydney Zhang - 3D Modeling
Isabel Fleck - Concept Art, Texture Art
Grayson Ticer - Concept Art, Texture Art
Lucas Hurley - Concept Art
Basil Collis - Sound Effects
Jonathan Frantz - Music
Emma Jiang - Producer
Alexis Giauque - Programming
Minjune Song - AI Programming
Professor David Kosbie - Prof's Voice Actor
Alina Chen - Aimy's Voice Actor