Operation: Power Monkey

- Fall 2006


3D platforming at its finest!

Power Monkey's 7-year old boy has left for the evening for a sleepover, and now he must protect the boy's room at all costs and find all of the missing bananas! In this 3rd/1st-person adventure game, you must collect all of the bananas by exploring the room into the jungles of the closet all of the way to the depths beneath the bed, and all this before the boy returns! Good luck, Power Monkey, and don't let the bed bugs bite!


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Carl Li - Concept Art
Chris DeLeon - Game Design, Level Design, SFX
Dan Cuellar - Music
Greg Peng - Voice Acting
Jeff Baxendale - 3D Objects Art, Voice Acting
Jin Kwon - Menu Animations
Jonathan Coulton - Credits Music (
Justin Lokey - 3D Art, Menu, Voice Acting
Keisha How - 3D Art, Voice Acting
Michelle Hales - Game Design
Raphael Mun - Producer, Game Design, Game Programming, Engine Programming
Robert Strickland - Sound Programming, Voice Acting