Hatchling Smasher

- Fall 2005


Save the patient by smashing all the parasite eggs, classic arcade style!

Hatching Smasher is all about frenzied alien larvae destruction in true pick-up-and-play fashion. Navigate the puck to break eggs before they hatch, but watch out - you need to clean up any parasites that hatch before they escape. What's worse, some of the aliens are evolving, making them large and aggressive game bosses! And of course, no arcade game is complete without powerups tied to each section of the game.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Chris DeLeon - Project Lead, Concept, Art, Programming
Greg Hallenbeck - Game Design
Greg Newby - Game Design, Writing
Leah McKelvey - Game Design
Mark Levine - Game Design
Michael Hartwell - Game Design
Robert Strickland - Art, Game Design
Ross Lafond - Music
Se Yeong Byeon - Game Design
Seth Boyles - Art