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Guilty Goose

- Spring 2022


Guilty Goose is a fighting game, where birds fight to the death. It's totally not a parody of Guity Gear. No, that is not Juri from Street Fighter, they are completely different.

Project Members

Joyce Zhang - Lead
Matthew Lucien Komar - Co-Lead, Programming Lead
Yoo Sung Lee - Art Lead, Concept Art, UI Art/Design
Kai Diel - 3D Animation, 3D Background Art
Alana Gerald - Concept Art, UI Art/Design
Chelsea Tang - Concept Art, Background Art
Shannon Lin - Concept Art, Background Art
William Ozeas - Music Lead, Music and Sound Design
Cameron Cheng - Music
Basil Collis - Sound Design
Seong Wuk Jeong - Game Design
Jimmy Zeng - UI Programming
Larry Chen - Gameplay Programming
Alexander Lyons - Gameplay Programming