GCS Gold Award

Battleship 88: Iron Hero

- Spring 2005


Command Battleship 88 to victory!

It's World War II, and every encounter is to kill or be killed. As captain of Battleship 88, you know that the entire crew is well trained and prepared for battle. Expertly conducted, your crew - and thus your ship - can operate as an extension of your body and mind. Only by thinking on your feet, knowing your enemy, and capitalizing on your every opportunity can Battleship 88 make it safely back home to America. Your men are counting on you.

Musical score provided by

Special thanks to Angelo Mottola, Javier Gonzalez, Oscar Giner, Shawn Hargreaves, and Vincent Penquerc'h


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Project Members

Chad Roberts - Voice Talent (Tailfin Productions)
Chris DeLeon - Game Design, Programming, Producer, Manual and Interface Design
Colin Coffman - Playtesting
David Astle - Initial Concept, Inspiration 'Flagship Carrier'
Isiass Sanchez - Playtesting
Jeff Thoene - Playtesting
Joe Pfeil - Sound Design (
Josh Schnarr - 3D Art, Game Design
Reinaldo Negron - Playtesting
Thomas Fake - Photography of credits image basis
Tom Cauchois - Playtesting
Vishesh Nandedkar - Playtesting