Tomas San Miguel

- Class of 2019

I'm a programmer who has been designing and making games since I was little. It's pretty much the best feeling in the world to create a project that has a positive impact on somebody else's life. Plus, making games is basically the most fun thing to be doing. Joining GCS was one of the best decisions I ever made!

I was the president of GCS from Fall of 2016 until the Fall or 2018. The GCS game I'm most proud of is definitely Knight Night which was a hit on the Arcade Cabinet. I think my biggest accomplishment as President was modernizing the club by updating the bylaws and how we actually create teams.

I'm currently poised to take a full-time job at Amazon but I aim to move into the game industry when the time is right. I had the opportunity to work at Vicarious Visions in the Summer of 2018 and it was certainly the best work experience I have ever had.

I think absolutely anyone can (and should!) try their hand at making games. GCS is a pretty awesome place to give that a go!

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Previous GCS positions:
Director of Development

My GCS Games

Backside Breakout

Fall 2018

Knight Night

Fall 2018

Operation Hypnos

Winter 2018

Watch your Back

Fall 2015

Updated November 15, 2020