World of Power Monkey

- Spring 2007


Power Monkey Gone Global!

The World of Power Monkey is a 3D action platform game set in a diverse magical land, starring Power Monkey, a multi-talented stuffed monkey. Fight against the likes of the Evil Bear to return color to the world. Collect powers to use against your foes, jump past your enemies, collect bananas, and explode nearly anything you can touch!


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Project Members

Becky Scully - 3D Object Art
Carl Li - Original Power Monkey Character Concepts
Dale Hui - AI Code Design
Daniel Mun - Character Concept Art
Diana Archer - Menu and Interface Design
Greg Peng - Assistant Team Lead, Game Design, Gameplay Programming, AI Programming, UI Programming, Sound Programming
Jeff Thoene - Forest Level Design
Jeremy Holmes - Sound Composition
Justin Lokey - Canyon Level Design, Volcano Level Design, Ice Level Design, Texture Art
Keisha How - Menu and Interface Design
Kent deVillafranca - Network Programming
Many Gonzales - Robot Level Concepts
Mary Mun - Testing
Michelle Hayes - Assistant Game Design, Testing Lead
Paul Rubritz - Death Level Design
Raphael Mun - Team Lead, Game Design, Level Design Lead, Graphics Programming, Mechanics Programming, Engine Programming, Web Development
Sarah Scialli - Ice Level Concept, Script Writing, Voice
Stelios Melachrinoudis - Power Monkey Remix Composition
Theresa Chen - Cutscene Art