- Fall 2022


This is Scipio, where 99% of the planet is covered in volatile, unpredictable waves. Kelp is the most valuable resource on this planet, and scattering powers on Scipio compete with all means for it. You, as the protagonist, is commissioned to fight against the evil company Kelpus, which exploits the locals and Scipio's ecosystem in algae harvests.


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Project Members

Shangyi Zhu - Project Lead, Music, Sound Design
Benny Woolbert - Project Lead, 3D Art, Programming
Wyatt Marvil - Programming Lead
Jingxuan Chen - Programming
Ethan Nakervis - Programming
Ivan Ho - Programming
Nyx Gonzalez - Programming
Simon Corpuz - UI Design
Gwen Moyer - 3D Art
Ryan Tian - 3D Art
Michelle Chen - 2D Art


Original Soundtrack

Gameplay Video