GCS Gold Award

The Last Dragon

- Spring 2014


You are the last dragon alive. After eating everyone’s ice cream, you must escape from your mountain home to find sources of new ice cream. Fight your way through randomly generated stages, and try to beat the boss at the end!

Arrow keys to move character / cursor
Spacebar to shoot / select space to move to
Alt for bomb
Shift for Focus (move more slowly, but fire faster)
Use the mouse to click on menu items.


For Windows | Download
For Mac OS X | Download

Project Members

Evan Shimizu - Project Lead, Programmer, Designer
Luo Yi Tan - Art
Jennifer Lee - Art
Jacqueline Barnes - Art
Madeline Duque - Art, Boss, Programming
Andrew Mittereder - UI Design, Programming
Alex Wang - Programming
Evan Lee - Programming
Kristian Tchetchko - Sound Effects
Dayton Kinney - Music