The Contrarian Press

- Spring 2023


Become the writer of the CONTRARIAN PRESS! You will help shape glorious news stories for the people of Wyzkonzyn, no qualifications are needed! Prevent the spread of misinformation from hostile foreign forces! Cross out up to 2 continuous pieces of text on each headline and pass them on to the illustrator! Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2023.

Play as a news writer in the Contrarian Press, but instead of writing new articles, you are assigned to erase headlines to fit the narratives from your boss - or whoever you please, but not without consequences. A dedicated illustrator will then provide a carefully curated image that goes along with your masterpiece. There are multiple endings and over 20 collages for you to uncover!

Click and drag to censor blocks of text. Click again on censored content to uncover it.


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Project Members

Adrian Ma - Art, Writing
Audrey Renouf - Art, Writing
Joyce Zhang - Art, Writing
Scott King - Programming, Production
Weiwen (Andy) Jiang - Art, Writing
William Ozeas - Programming, Sound