Best Sound/Music

Tanks in Advance

- Spring 2023


Tanks In Advance takes a simple 1v1 tank game and adds a time-traveling twist! Each round, record your movements as you try to destroy the other player's tanks. Then, in the next round, battle alongside your past selves from previous rounds to defeat your opponent. Tanks In Advance features 5 different types of tanks, giving you plenty of room for creative, mind-bending strategies.

Controllers are *strongly* recommended! Movement: Left Stick / WASD + OKL; Aim: Right Stick / TFGH + arrow keys Shoot: Right Bumper / L+R Shift

The source code can be found here.


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

William Ozeas - Team Lead, Programming, VFX
Adrian Ma - Team Lead, 3D/UI Art, Programming
Liam Hower - Programming
David Zelong Fan - Programming
Zachary Heintzleman - Design, Programming, QA
William Crenshaw - Design, Programming, QA
Michael Wong - Music and Sound
Seongwuk Jeong - Sound
Anishwar Tirupathur - Environment Art
Jacob Doughty - VFX