GCS Gold

Supreme Hen Donkey

- Spring 2022


Bored in class? Have a creative itch to scratch? Want to find god? Well, look no further than Supreme Hen Donkey! Test your skills in the comprehensive single player campaign, compete against a friend by building devious stages in multiplayer mode, and even draw your own custom characters to play as! With many secrets to find, there's no telling what you'll discover in this Supreme live-action game!
This is for Windows only right now. Download both the .exe and the .pck files. It won't work without the .pck file.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Dominick Robinson - Project Lead, Programming, Level Design, and Cinematographer
Eli Fox - Programming
Ram Potham - Programming
Simon Corpuz - Art
Grant Allvin - Art, Music
Gary Bailey - Programming


Gameplay Video