- Fall 2007


2D platformer in a jungle gym!

Attention, everyone! The playplace has been invaded! Join Jungle Jim, Sammy Slider, Bouncin' Bridget, and Ballpit Bryan as they fight to win back their playplace from evil enemy invaders and return it to its rightful owners: all kids everywhere! And guess what...the enemies have also managed to hide the kids' most beloved possessions: their teddy bears! So, our four 9-year-old heroes must navigate through the playplace while defeating enemies and rescuing the bears. Plus, they get to collect tons of awesome toys and items along the way (luckily, the enemies didn't get a chance to hide everything!) And last but not least... the game ends in a duel between Ballpit Bryan and the final boss in an intense ballpit battle!


For Windows | Download
For Mac OS X | Download
For Linux | Download

Extra Content

Design Document
Pitch Presentation

Project Members

Bridget Liao - Art (powerups)
Diana Archer - Art (tiles, background items, menus)
Eric Butler - Programming, Mentoring
Geoff Cameron - Programming
James Chan - Art (main characters)
N Huang - Art (enemies)
Rachel Berkowitz - Project Lead, Music and SFX, Game Concept, Level Design (1 & 2)
Sarah Scialli - Assistant Project Lead, Level Design (3, 4, Boss)
Tim Swast - Programming