Super Flytrap Adventures

- Spring 2023


Bite and swing your way to the end in Super Flytrap Adventures! Control Chompy the Venus flytrap and grapple onto the world around you in this 2D platformer, solving puzzles and surviving platforming challenges.

This game contains:
- A unique movement scheme!
- Two levels with diverse environments!
- One cute Chompy plush!
- Memes! (If you can find them...)

Here is the source code.


For Android | Download
For Windows | Download
On | Play

Project Members

Eli Fox - Team Lead, Programming, Level Design, Art
Clytie - Team Lead, Programming
Dominick Robinson - Programming, Sound, Voice Acting
Alex Shen - Music
Nathan Oswell - Programming, Level Design
Sara Pavlinek - Programming, Level Design
Simon Corpuz - Art
Caroline Shi - Art