GCS Gold Award

Rubber Duck Adventure

- Fall 2014


Rubber Duck Adventure is a game where you control a rubber duck floating down a hazardous river. Using the W, A, and D keys, you must keep the duck afloat for as long as possible. But watch out! Spike turtles, herons, and crocodiles in hats will try to damage the duck! Get hit 3 times and it's game over. The game's charming story book-like aesthetic is accompanied by a small orchestral piece performed by students within Carnegie Mellon's own School of Music. Also, there are 6 collectible hats.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Madeline Duque - Lead Designer, Programming, Artist
Anton Pleshakov - Programmer, Hat artist
Miranda Jacoby - Bird Artist/Ornithologist
John Choi - Programming
Ryan Lam - Spawn Programming
Jason Kim - Programming, "He Knows"
Kabir Mantha - Programming
Eric Yu - Reptile Artist
Breeanna Ebert - Head Composer, Trumpet
Andrew Dewey - Flute
Anna Menkis - Clarinet
Shoshana Klein - Oboe
Dante Horvath - Guitar
Erik Fredriksen - Piano
Caitlin Williams - Trumpet
Samir Gangwani - French Horn
Andrew Hook - Tuba
Stone Butler - Percussion