Robot Imminent

- Fall 2010


A heart that loves only science.

Made in a week for the contest themed "Regeneration." Deals with the famous Theseus problem, thus the cat's name.

z,x, and arrow keys will do everything you need at the beginning of the game. Every time you die, Theseus' technology will provide for you a new body part to make things... easier. So, if you get discouraged (you will, it's a hard game), make things easier AND KILL YOURSELF.

Robots will reconstruct themselves from scrap after a moment, so be aware of that. You need scrap (auto-collected from fallen robots) to repair and traverse doors, but can only take the right scrap from the same enemy once (they turn grey after they've died once), so if your nearby door isn't getting better from being around you, that's why.


For Windows | Download

Project Members

Chris Reid - Programming
Sanchez Yuan - Animation
Wilson Pei - Art