Gold Award Winner

Outfit Swap

- Fall 2012


Go from burger-flipper to US President by swapping outfits with people.
Welcome to Outfit Swap, the game where you move up the social ladder by swapping outfits with people. President Connor has enacted the One-Man-One-Outfit policy, which outlaws people from changing outfits. However, you are dissatisfied as a Burger-Flipper in BcDonald’s and decide to rebel. Other characters are also secretly dissatisfied with their roles and will switch with you if they like yours better. The goal is to work your way up to become the President of the United States. Good Luck!


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Project Members

Connor Fallon - Design
Cory Chang - Programming
Daniel Belchamber - Senior Design
Dave Yan - Character Art
Emily So - Background Art
James Grugett - Programming
Jessica Cui - Background Art
Joel Simon - Programming
Jonathan Dinerman - Design
Kim Lister - Dialogue
Leon Zhang - Senior Programming
Patrick Mead - Music
Rosstin Murphy - Project Lead
Sharon Hoosein - Early Concept Development
Tom Ndiaye - Character Art
Xing Xu - Programming