Monster Shroud

- Fall 2013


You are a lone survivor in some post-apocalyptic nightmare where everyone else has turned into some hideous blob monster. Stranded at a gas station with nothing more than two sidearms, you must fight to survive.

Monster Shroud is an experimental game prototype that uses the Kinect and Wiimote to control a character in first person shooter style. Instead of the traditional control scheme using keyboard and mouse or a gamepad, the player controls the character by actually moving his or her body, tracked by Kinect. As this game is purely experimental, there are plenty of things still left to work out, such as accuracy, jitter removal, and movement.

Additional Models from Turbosquid
Sounds from


For Windows | Download

Project Members

John Choi - Project Lead, Lead Programmer
Rhiannon Malia - AI Programmer, Animator
Anton Pleshakov - Particles, Textures, Title
Tom Garncarz - Level Designer, Textures
Daniel Vu - Modeler, textures, UV maps
Sylvia Kosowski - Modeler, textures, UV maps
Gordon Estes - Plot scripting