- Fall 2010


A dark platformer where you use your flashlight to see and your gun to kill baddies. Here's where it gets tricky: you can't do both at once.

You're in the dark, in your mansion, when stuff starts to go down. Like, the everyone's-trying-to-kill-you type of down. Grab your gun and your flashlight and your gun (but not both at once!) and take your life back!

Writers note: This game and its story originally had four parts. This is half of the first part (making a game is hard...). As such, the story has been condensed. If you're lost or confused, the new story is you were in the mob but opted out via witness protection. Unfortunately, the nice people in the mafia have other ideas.


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Project Members

Brian Humbarger - Project Direction, Level Design, Writing
Dave Turka - Programming
Duncan Boehle - Advising
James Locus - Music
Johuen Lee - Sprite Art
Kate Chironis - Background Art, Level Design
Kyle Troutner - Programming
Matthew McKay - Programming
Mike Ryan - Sound FX, Level Design
Stephanie Chiu - Writing
Will Carter - Programming
Zane Hintzman - Programming