GCS Gold Award

Lingua Litis

- Fall 2021


Dearest Magdaline,
The time has come to put your wizardry skills to the test. As you are already aware, senior students at Lingua Litis Academy for Wizards must duel a member of the teaching faculty before leaving the Academy.
We humbly request that you come to the Grand Library later this evening. Professor Skull shall act as your examiner.
Best Wishes,

Lingua Litis is a 2 player turn based fighting game. Each player spells words in order to cast spells at the opponent.

Here is the source code. page


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Nicole Fang - Art Lead
Cameron Cheng - Sound Lead
Charles Hood - Programming, Game Design Lead
George Whitfield - Programming Lead, Team Lead
Shannon Lin - Art
Simon Corpuz - Art
Ray Man - Sound
Daeyoung Kim - Game Design, Art
Al Hassan - Programming, Game Design
Sam Murray - Programming
Zhichun Zhao - Programming


Original Soundtrack

Gameplay Video