Heroes Academy

- Fall 2016


Congratulations! You've been enrolled at Heroes Academy: A special school for superheroes! Your classmates all have cool and interesting superpowers, but yours... isn't. Your power is that whenever you feel pain, a couch magically appears in front of you. Your classmates bully you, since your power is weird and useless by comparison, and you must get to your science class before your classmates beat you up too much. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump, and press the spacebar to make a couch. If you hold down the spacebar, you can fling a couch to defeat enemies, but this costs more health.


For Mac OS X | Download

Project Members

Matthew Bofenkamp - Team Lead, Programming
Kai Kuehner - Lead Programming
Donghun Kang - Programming
Vic Reyes - Art
Sophia Cao - Art
Nancy Zhang - Art
Valcos - Music
Anna Boyle - Art