Food Fight

- Spring 2021


My name's Fry and as close as I can figure it...
It's 2020 AD and I am fighting food.
It wasn't always like this. I had a real life once:

A job...
A tasty sandwich...
A cabin in the woods....
Now all that remains.... is the Food Fight.

Please read the README in the download for more information!


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Project Members

Matthew Lucien Komar - Team Lead
Joyce Zhang - Team Lead
Davis Dunaway - Game Design Guest Lecturer
Miyu Kojima - Music

The School

Ryan Cumpstone - 3D Modeling, Level Design
Sebastian Yang - Programming

Fresh Goods Bakery

Caleb Koo - 3D Modeling, Level & Character Design
Ashley Kim - 3D Modeling, Character Design
Akshay Chekuri - Programming

The Kitchen

Pheht Salcido - 3D modeling, Level & Character Design
Sean Swazye - Programming
Lance Yarlott - Programming
Chelsea Tang - 3D Modeling, Character Design
Nathan Oswell - Programming

Lair of the Sushi Dragon [cut]

Helena - 3D Modeling, Level Design
Shannon Lin - 3D Modeling, Level & Character Design
Marie Leung - Concept Art
Annie Wu - Programming
Anabelle Kang - Concept Art