Fantastical Delights

- Spring 2020


Vacation in the Garden of Earthly Delights!

  • Explore the world of a depicted by a 500-year-old painting!
  • Watch deer run around!
  • Find four clues scattered around the Garden!
  • Help God consider kicking Adam & Eve out of the Garden!
Welcome to Fantastical Delights, a virtual reality experience for the delayed Beaux-Arts Ball of 2020. This is a reinterpretation of the Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. You need to find a series of clues scattered around the map to provide God evidence of Adam and Eve's sin!

This project was funded in part by the Frank Ratcheye Funds for Art @ the Frontier microgrant.

Grip Right/Grip Left == Grip your virtual fists
Trigger Right/ Trigger Left == Curl your virtual finger

Have your left palm facing up
Point with the right hand and Inventory UI should pop up on your left hand.
To select items, point to them and press the Oculus Touch: B Key / Vive Left Controller Grip to hold them.
Oculus Touch: A Key == Puts held item away
Oculus Touch: X Key, Y key == Teleport to various points of interest on the map.
Oculus Touch: Right Joystick
Movement is head oriented


For Windows (Version 2) | Download
For Windows (Version 3, with Quest 2 graphics) | Download
For Quest 2 (Version 3) | Download

Project Members

Matthew Lucien Komar - Team Lead
Joyce Zhang - Co-Team Lead, Texturing, Modeling, Animating
Ibukunoluwa Sanni - Tree Modelling and Texturing
Aliyah Zhang - Tree Modeler
Sanjay Salem - Animal Modeler, Animating
Lisa Lo - Animal Modeler and Asset UV Mapping


Gameplay Video