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Dimensional Rift

- Fall 2022


Sam, a bounty hunter from the future, is at the end of their rope when by a stroke of luck, a portal opens into another dimension. When Sam leaps through to escape, bringing along hordes of aliens in pursuit, she meets Freida, a farmer leading a peaceful life with a dream of building a successful farm. In this co-op game, help Sam protect Freida as she grows her farm and earns money to in turn help Sam grow stronger! Just keep in mind, both characters can only move in the dimensions of their original game worlds!


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Adrian Ma - Team Lead, Design, Programming, Art
William Ozeas - Co-Lead, Programming, Music, SFX
Liam Hower - Programming
Audrey Renouf - Art
Grace Chen - Art
Ella Keegan - Art
Stephanie Guan - Art
Han Fu - Art
Swapnil Das - Narrative, Music
Polaron Posadas - Music, SFX
Song Jeong - Music
Anthony Cacciato - Music
Annika Wu - Music
Sheng Shu - Design
Allison Wivagg - Design
William Crenshaw - Design
Ari Carden - Producer
Shawn Lee - Programming
Teo Sohn - Programming
Gabriel Lee - Programming