GCS Gold Award


- Spring 2008


Cubes and Lasers

Bossmen consists of seven unique boss battles. You are a "hero", equipped with a lasergun and jetpack to defeat the Bossmen. The game has a typographic health system, with parts of the characters’ names disappearing as damage is taken.

An astute observer might ask, why are you fighting? Can’t we all get along? Well, being cubist, the Bossmen have taken a disliking to your supple round corners and high polygon count. And for Bossmen, disputes are not solved by words, but by lasers.


For Windows | Download


Installer download. Also requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher.

Project Members

Adam Lederer - Music
Daniel Vu - Modeling, Animation
Eric Foote - Music
Greg Peng - Concept, Design
Jay Meistrich - Lead Engineer
Justin Lokey - Art Direction
Kyle Neblett - Gameplay Programming
Mee-Hyun Jang - Textures
Raphael Mun - Modeling
Vijay Prakash - Gameplay Programming