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Welcome to Game Creation Society.
Game Creation Society is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University, dedicated to the art and science of making games. Composed of individuals from all across the academic spectrum, GCS provides an environment for people of various disciplines to work together on projects as they would in a real development environment. Whatever your talents are, if you are interested in making games we can find a role for you!

If you want to get involved, come to a weekly meeting, join our mailing list, or contact an officer!

Recent updates

2018 Fall Changes Coming to GCS! - Posted by

Thanks to everyone who came to the Old Members meeting. As promised, you can access the GCS schedule here: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=andrew.cmu.edu_81nu9se1dv...

At the Old Member’s Meeting we successfully ratified a new version of the bylaws which will now govern the organization. Some highlights:
-Official Definition of “membership” to the club. Members must join a team once per year and must attend at least three meetings per semester. Dues will not be collected this semester.
- Added a Vice President officer position. Renamed Sysadmin to Chief of Operations.
- Voting process is a bit better defined
- Guidelines for meeting types and finances

You’ll be able to see the new bylaws on the Bridge in the near future.

We have also made significant changes to the pitching process. It will work as follows

-Pitchers will fill out the form found here: https://goo.gl/forms/BszIXoLzDX6Ewrmq2. This is due at midnight on Tuesday, September 11. Note that if there is any individual you know will be on your team they must be added here. If you’re pitching I encourage you to start this ahead of time.

-Pitchers will give a mock pitch to GCS officers on Wednesday, September 12. The event will be all night essentially, and we will find a time that works for everyone.

- Officers will determine which projects will run. I anticipate around 8.

- Pitch fair will occur as normal, pitchers will deliver their pitches to the GCS body.

- People looking to join a team will fill out a form and GCS Officers will place them onto teams. This is a departure from what we’ve done in the past. The goal is to ensure balanced teams such that every team has the Human Resources they need to succeed. Most people will be on exactly one team.

We also announced GCS office hours at the event. Every Sunday from 2pm to 6pm GCS Officers will host a work session for all the teams. Teams can meet during this time, playtesting can occur, and Members in general can get stuff done. We strongly encourage everyone come out to this.

I apologize for the long-winded message, but we had a lot to announce! As a reminder next Friday is our New Member’s Meeting and it would be awesome if you all could make your way out to that (hopefully will be in WEH 5415 this time!)

See you Friday,

Pitch Fair Recap - Posted by

Hi all,

Here's a quick recap of the pitches for this semester. Check out the linked slides for more in depth info (Note: You may have to access the slides through your andrew email):

Balance Board Racing ( slides ): 3D racing game using the Wii-Fit board to control motion and the Oculus Rift to control the camera.
Team Leads: Daniel Hua (dhua@andrew.cmu.edu) and Mark Mendell (mmendell@andrew.cmu.edu)

Watch Your Back ( slides ): 3D co-op horror game with intense blinking mechanic. Team lead: Tomas San Miguel (tsanmigu@andrew.cmu.edu)

Shattered Space ( slides ): Turn based multiplayer strategy game with complex weapon system.
Team lead: "Matt" Yixiu Zhao (yixiuz@andrew.cmu.edu)

Snake Runner ( slides ): 2D puzzle platformer that plays with the mechanic motifs of Snake and Tetris.
Team Lead: Brian Xiao (bpx@andrew.cmu.edu)

Office Party: The Ascension ( slides ): 2D game in which you use office supplies to battle your way through the office.
Team Lead: Juan Paniagua (jpaniagu@andrew.cmu.edu)

Stranger ( slides ): 3D, Single player, relaxing, interactive fiction game.
Team Lead: Alan Zhu (hanyuanz@andrew.cmu.edu)

ShReSh ( slides ): 2D, western themed game expanding on the mechanics of Shoot, Reload, Shoot.
Team Lead: Kevin Xuan (yxuan@andrew.cmu.edu)

Titan ( slides ): 2D, 2 player co-op game in which players solve puzzles, kill monsters, and avoid traps.
Team Lead: Randy Epouhe (repouhe@andrew.cmu.edu)

If you'd like to join a team(s), email the team lead(s) ASAP so you can get started. Don't forget: Come Out and Play Pittsburgh Outdoor Game Festival (there are video games there too) continues tomorrow, Saturday 9/19 from 11 to 3! Next Friday, 9/25 in Wean Hall 5421 from 5 to 6:30, GCS will be holding a BEGINNER'S Unity tutorial. If your team is using Unity and you've never opened the software before, this tutorial is for you! It is friendly to non-programmers. It's also a great refresher on basic Unity concepts.

Happy Game Making,
Rachel Moeller
GCS President


Hello everyone,

We had a great turnout today at GCS Pitch Fair, so thank you to everyone that came and signed up for a project, and a big fat hurrah to everyone that made a project pitch! This semester, the pitches were (in order of presentation):

Panda Detective
led by Lauryn Brown, laurynb@andrew.cmu.edu
You control a panda who is a detective trying to solve a mystery while dodging evil zookeepers.

Some Mobile Augmented Reality Thing (SMART)
led by John Choi, johnchoi@andrew.cmu.edu
An augmented reality tower defense game with Tron-style graphics.

Elemental Fighting Platformer
led by Taehoon Lee, leet2013@gmail.com
Hack n' Slash game with enemies that adapt to player fighting style in the middle of a procedurally generated dungeon.

Worlds of Promise
led by Sarah Dix, sdix@andrew.cmu.edu
An interactive visual novel with romance, drama, and multiple endings based on player choices and behavior.

To all project leaders, good luck and begin developing awesome games!

John Choi

Pitch Fair Tomorrow!! - Posted by

Radical Thursday everybody!

Friendly reminder that the GCS Pitch Fair will be Friday, January 30 at WEH 5421 from 4:30p to 6:30p. Which is tomorrow.

This is it! This is what GCS is all about! Those who were approved to be a pitch leader will present their project ideas, and then you get to choose which project team you want to work with.

To people participating in projects: One thing I notice during pitch fairs is that some GCS members will feel nervous about joining a team because they're new to the club or new to game development. It's perfectly natural to feel this way. Just keep in mind that GCS is supposed to be a learning experience. We are here as a club to learn about game development together, so don't be afraid to talk to people!

To Pitch Leaders: John has sent out a lovely email detailing what needs to be done for your project to be approved, which I'm sure most of you guys have done already. Try to communicate your game idea clearly and concisely to your audience. Get a PowerPoint ready! GCS Pitch Games are scoped like Game Jam Games. Your goal is to give the player the best 2 minutes of their life. Be sure to send out Doodle Polls asking when everyone's available, get an emailing list together, and rent rooms.

However, if you can't make it to the meeting, we will be posting everybody's pitches to our website: www.gamecreation.org

Phew! That was a lot of text, but I hope it helps. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns about the Pitch Fair process.


Madeline Duque

New Members Meeting - Posted by

Hey all!

The New Members Meeting is next Friday on the 23rd in WEH 5421 from 4:30-6:00pm.

This meeting will also act as a meetup point for those of you participating in the Global Game Jam.

Other than that, it's meant to be a kind of loosey-goosey ice-breaker-y type get together, so come join us over a slice of pizza! It's sure to be good fun!

See you there!

Release and GCS Gold winners! - Posted by

Congratulations to BitBot, Rubber Duck Adventure, Trafficking, Lunatix, and Patient for demoing at release this semester!

Also, I'm happy to announce that the winners of GCS Gold for Fall 2014 are BitBot and Rubber Duck Adventure.

Look out for all of these games on the website (http://www.gamecreation.org/) soon.

I hope everyone has a great winter break. We'll see you in the Spring.


Meeting Friday Nov 14 - Posted by

We'll be meeting Friday (today) at 4:30 PM in Newell Simon Hall room 3002. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey! Based on the feedback that we have received, we are going to try a new meeting format this week. First of all, we'll open the door 10 minutes early for people who want to come early and socialize. The first few minutes will follow the typical meeting format so that we can continue to discuss the election process as well as the future of contests (which will become less rigid). After that, though, we will try using stations which you can join or leave at your own pace. Specifically, one corner will be office hours, so that anyone currently working on a project can receive advice or discuss the project process. The other corner will be an informal critique/discussion based around an existing game (we will vote on which game to play). We're looking forward to developing a new meeting format that is useful for everyone, so we'd love it if you can come and let us know what you think.

HALLOWEEN PARTY, contest, and Meeting Friday, October 24th - Posted by

We'll meet Friday, October 21 at 4:30 PM in Newell Simon Hall Room 3002.
We'll show off entries for the "Unopenable Door" competition (there's
still time to enter and win prizes!), and we'll also have project updates.
Project leaders and potentially others on the project team should present
their progress so far. It doesn't need to be fancy, but the more you can
show off what you're working on, the better.

Also, there is a Halloween Party at Schell Games this Friday (a week
before Halloween). Schell Games is in Station Square (they have moved
recently, so it's not at the same place as last year's), but a group will
leave from GCS together either by car or public transit, so you won't have
to worry about transportation. There is no RSVP necessary, but costumes
are recommended (and there is a competition for the best costume).