Treesuit - Spring 2008

Gold Award Winner


Nothing is less suspicious than a dancing tree wearing a suit.

Sneak past guards in 5 levels to locate each of the bosses. Get caught by the guards and you'll have to lower suspicion by finding a safe zone and playing the suspicion mini-game. Along the way you can interact with the animals and talk with the gnomes. Once you find the boss, you face off in a dance-off mini-game. You must convince each boss to stop harming the environment by showing them your best poses!


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-04-30 | Download
    Requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher


Project Members

  • Adam Greene - Level Design
  • Becky Scully - Character Models
  • Ben Matzke - Level Design and Creation, Static Models
  • Ben Wolf - Story
  • Bridget Hogan - Level Design and Creation
  • Courtney Bruggeman - Concept Art
  • David Yang - Level Design and Creation
  • Diana Archer - Menu Art
  • Eric Foote - Music
  • Eric McCarty - Concept Art
  • Frank Denbow - Mo-Cap Dancer
  • Jay Meistrich - Programming Lead
  • Justin Lokey - Producer, Game Design, Level Design and Creation, Static Models, Menu and HUD Art, Story, Website
  • Kyle Neblett - Programming
  • Laura Paoletti - Concept Art
  • Matt Kaemmerer - Static Models, Music
  • Raphael Mun - Programming, Animation
  • Richard Chen - Story
  • Stelios Melachrinoudis - Music
  • Steve Benders - Level Design and Creation, Static Models
  • Theresa Chen - 2D Art, Concept Art
  • Val Reznitskaya - Character Models, Concept Art
  • Wei Wei Lin - Mo-Cap Dancer