Shotgun Debugger - Spring 2005

Gold Award Winner



Shotgun Debugger is a 2D, top-down action game. It is The Future, and your habit of computer network exploration has finally done you in. You are captured and taken to a strange underground complex populated by robot soldiers. Your task is to escape the facility -- but the hordes of walking death machines aren't just gonna let you.


  • For Linux | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download
  • For Mac OS X | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download
    This build is for PPC, not newer Intel machines
  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download
  • Extra Content | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download
    Source Code - Requires SDL, SDL_image, and SDL_mixer libraries and headers


Project Members

  • Chris DeLeon - Level Design Lead, Sound Effects
  • Greg Peng - Level Design
  • Jeff Thoene - Level Design
  • John Nesky - 3D Model and Texture Art, Mac OS X port
  • Matt Sarnoff - Project Lead, Design Lead, 2D Art, Game Concept, Sound Effects, Engine Programming
  • Michael Weber - Playtesting
  • Tuscan Knox - Music