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This is a list of external links we believe might be useful in various aspects of game development. The list is by no means complete; if there is a link you think belongs on here, let us know. Similarly, if you're looking for a particular kind of resource (i.e. a tutorial on a specific piece of software), tell us, and we'll try to find something appropriate.

If you're just starting out with game development and would like to know where to begin, you might find this article helpful.


GameDev.net: An outstanding collection of articles and forums centered around development, as well as links to many other game development resources.

Gamasutra: One of the best resources for any aspect of game development. Sign-up is required, but it's free and opens up a wealth of insider information.

Extra Credits: Long-running youtube series on game design, world history and literature.

Gamemaker's Toolkit: Youtube series analysing different aspects of game design in popular games.

Game Design

The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 1: Documentation Guidelines for the Game Concept and Proposal

The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 2: Documentation Guidelines for the Functional and Technical Specifications

Game Programming

Engines (Use these to build your games):
Python with Pygame
Game Maker
Unreal Engine

Software (Tools for art creation):
Blender: A free 3D modeler/animator/renderer/game engine
GraphicsGale: A graphic editor useful for animation and pixel art
Asesprite: Editor built for all kinds of pixel art work Firealpaca: Free 2D art editor

IDEs (Tools for writing code):
Microsoft Visual Studio Community
Xcode (click on "Mac Dev Center" to sign up to be a developer for free)
Flash Builder
Vim and Make

SDKs (Use these if you want to write everything from scratch without an engine):
Microsoft DirectX
Microsoft XNA (No longer supported by Microsoft)

Version Control (Tools to store and share your progress):
GitHub Desktop: Git interface for Windows
TortoiseHG: Mercurial interface for Windows
TortoiseSVN: SVN interface for Windows